AdWeek quotes CEO of Media Reps about Facebook Ad Blocking

Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Lauren Johnson of Adweek (averaging  4,319,812 unique monthly visitors) ran coverage of Facebook’s decision to block desktop ad blockers and what it means moving forward. Within the article Lauren included data put together by Media Reps CEO Mark Bauman. The data covered just how many ads were blocked in Q2 and how much they cost Facebook in lost inventory each month. The total revenue loss ranged from $12M per month up to $45M, the estimate fell to $32.4M based on page exposure and average user page loads.  Lauren quoated and linked back to ReviveAds as the source for Ad block circumvention. Facebook since has attempted to do their own ad block circumvention, but should turn to the experts at ReviveAds. We\'ll keep you posted on what happens next.



Please find below a copy of the article, here: