Publisher Benefit

Media Reps works for publishers by effectively managing the sales process. We increase productivity and reduce operational costs so publishers are able focus on site development and audience growth. Our monthly fees are typically less than that of one in-house salesperson.

Work Less - make more money!

Reduce Cost

How much are you currently spending on broker fees, commi sions or salaries related to the sales process? Let us beat your current cost

Increase Revenue

Through collective aggregation of high profile sites, we ensure that you are getting top dollar for your advertisement.

Save Time

Communicating with multiple advertisers is a time consuming process. Let us streamline this process for you. We can handle your monthly, weekly or daily communications period.

Increase Exposure

Let us represent you to the top media buyers Online. We will make sure that your properties receive attention when it comes to their montly budget.


Publishing services that work!

These services are essential to your survival and growth in the ever evolving marketplace online. Below are some examples of how you can use our consolidated services. These come with your sales services with Media Reps:

TrafficHaus - Serve ads quickly, with big data analytics on the users coming in, integrated retargeting pixels, sell off traffic targets that you can’t convert back into their marketplace.

Notify.Solutions - Collect users across push notification opt in work flows, 10X a single lead through the Push Waterfall, increase impressions, time on site and returning visitors.

Leadwrench - Collect Email subscription leads, message users to get them to continue to come back to your publication, sell the clicks.

Lead.Traffichaus - Collecting Push, SMS, and email is easy, it’s consistently messaging and managing those communications which is difficult. Bring users back to the site for better time on site and return visitors.

Reviveads - 30% of all users use ad blockers, increase your ad impressions and revenue overnight by up to 30%. Let us unblock the ads from users using ad blockers.

DMCAForce / AVForce - Taking user content submissions can be dangerous. Not anymore, use our DMCA services to allow content creators to become your partner more easily, or get their content down with less overhead costs and no more legal battles.

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